We are pleased to introduce the Heartland Independent Film Forum to West Michigan. The purpose of the Heartland Independent Film Forum is to promote the production and distribution of award-winning independent films in the American Midwest.  The Forum's goal is to tell stories via both feature and documentary films that inform and enlighten audiences.  Film projects will focus on projects developed in Michigan and other Midwestern states drawing on first rate talent from the region.  These projects will feature Midwestern dramas and documentaries that focus on vital stories that are often overlooked by the media.   These films will create new opportunities for producers, directors, actors and crew who have made a name for themselves in the Midwest.  

The Forum will also reach a wide audience by distributing Midwestern films in America and abroad through theaters, performing arts centers, colleges, schools, libraries.  In addition the forum bring these one of a kind films through educational television and other non-theatrical distribution channels.  The forum will support special theatrical events and training to encourage the production and exhibition of independent films throughout the region. 

Our first two events will be held in coordination with the Harbor Cinema. Please visit our Events page for details. For more information on the Heartland Independent Film Forum or any of our upcoming events, please contact Roger Rapoport at (231) 720-0930. 

Roger Rapoport